Not much is known about St. Adalgott, or the year he was born. He died in 1165. We known he was a twelfth century Monk. He entered Clairvaux and was eventually appointed as Abbot of Disentis, Switzerland. While at Clairvaux, he grew in his faith, and developed a real charism for helping the poor and the sick. Clairvaux was a Benedictine Monastery, where St. Bernard trained his successors. 

He was eventually appointed as the Abbot of the Benedictines in Disentis, Switzerland, where he really became well known for his care of the sick and poor. Eventually he was appointed Bishop of Chur, and as Bishop, conducted an apostolate for the suffering of the region. We also know that he founded a hospital in 1150, to better care for the sick. Many call upon his intercession for their needs in regard to being sick or financial problems.