Living With Christ Africa (LWCA) is a monthly Catholic Family Companion for praying and living the Eucharist. Promoted by they Augustinians of the Assumption, the brand new periodical provides a wide variety of resources to nourish your daily spiritual life, and helping you live in the richness of Catholic way of life. LWCA is a wonderful daily companion for developing a scripturally-grounded, Eucharist-centered spirituality that you can share with others.

Living with christ features:

  • The complete Order of the Mass, including all four Eucharistic Prayers, with the responses of the assembly highlighted in bold print
  • Each day’s assigned Scripture readings from the official liturgical calendar of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of differents African Countries,, and all prayers for the Mass of the day
  • This Week in Focus, brief reflections on each Sunday’s readings and how they relate to our lives
  • Responding to the Word, helpful encouragement each day that includes an observation about the scripture readings, a question for your reflection, prayer, journaling or dialogue with others, and a brief prayer starter
  • Saying Amen, an opportunity to reflect on a phrase from one of the Mass prayers each Sunday
  • Reflection for the Day, daily reflections on one of the readings of the day
  • Reflection for the Month’s Scriptures, biblical background and insights, exploring the meaning of some aspect of the Scripture readings being proclaimed on the Sundays of that month
  • Insightful and crisp profiles of Saints of the Day
  • Engaging articles, explaining the Church’s sacramental life, liturgical seasons, and devotional practices in terms of their relevance for your growth in Christ
  • Helps for prayer, including resources for morning and evening prayer for you to pray individually or with members of your household, a small group of friends, or your parish community
  • A reflection on the back cover of every issue that invites you to use our cover image to deepen your appreciation of God’s presence in your life.
  • Interesting features on pilgrimages, faith, family and living.
  • Faith & Facts brings you a valuable monthly digest on the various customs and unknown facts about the Catholic church and faith.
  • Ideal for priests, nuns, congregations, lay people, parishes and families.